Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fall Semester workdays!

In case you weren't already aware, our open volunteer workdays at the Concho Community Garden have been decided on for the semester.
Starting next Thursday, Sept. 6th, our workdays will be EVERY THURSDAY EVENING (6-8pm) and EVERY SUNDAY MORNING (10am-noon).

The garden is a great place to connect with your peers, learn about alternative food systems and gardening practices, as well as release all the stress that comes with returning back to school!

If these "official" worktimes do not work for your schedule, you are still welcome to drop by at anytime! A list of ongoing tasks is posted on the shed's dry erase board so that you  may lend your helping hands whenever there is a convenient time for you!

Our first general CEC meeting is also coming up this Wednesday, in WEL 2.312, from 6-7:30pm (and will be every Wednesday thereon).
There, we will discuss ongoing gardening projects and any other initiatives we'd like to tackle for this year! Come with any ideas you may have, we'd love to hear 'em!!

'til next time,