UT Concho Community Garden


The UT Concho Community Garden is UT's first community garden!  The garden was constructed by volunteers in Spring 2011 and has become in its first year a lively place truly activated and evolved by its users. 
The garden is an ongoing collaboration between the UT Campus Environmental Center, the UT Office of Sustainability, and the UT Division of Housing and Food Service, with great support from UT Landscaping Services. We also owe great thanks to National Wildlife Federation's Campus Ecology Fellowship program and Texas Parents for their financial contributions. 

The garden consists of over 30 plots, for individuals, student and faculty organizations, UT Division of Housing and Food Service, and for demonstration. The garden includes 5 fruit trees, including peach, gala apple, Asian pear, loquat, and Italian fig. Everything is grown at the garden organically, free of synthetic inputs and toxic pest control. Produce is grown for individual consumption, as well as for use in UT dining halls and for local donation. We maintain compost piles on-site and have just completed our first rainwater harvesting system. See our plan of the garden.

We hope the UT Concho Community Garden will act as a vibrant resource 
for our campus and city communities where participants will have the opportunity to garden, learn and share knowledge about gardening and food production, gain awareness of the many issues surrounding food, society, and the environment, propose and pursue interesting and progressive projects, and participate in free classes and events. 


The garden is located on campus at 2108 Concho St.  It's easily accessible by foot, bike, the East Campus UT shuttle, or by car (there's free parking in the neighborhood). 

Getting a Plot

Plots are available for individuals (any student, staff, or faculty of UT) and student organizations!  

If you're interested in getting a plot, fill out this form to be placed on our (short) wait list. 






Becoming Involved

You don't have to have a plot at the garden to be involved! There are an infinite number of other ways to be involved at the garden. 

You're welcome to:
- volunteer anytime
- propose and lead a project that would benefit the garden
- pursue a project for academic credit
- participate in free classes and events
- teach a class
- join a team of people working towards a common goal!
| Plastic Bottle Greenhouse | Education/Outreach | Rainwater-Harvesting System | |Vertical/Container Garden | Free Stuff squad | Compost Connoisseurs |

We are continually open to new ideas and initiatives that could happen at (or in collaboration with) the UT Concho Community Garden!

Contact us at gardening@utenvironment.org for more info and to start the conversation!

Donation Wishlist

Cleaning out your space? We will put these items to good use at the garden:
  • Plastic water bottles!! (for a greenhouse to be built by Feb.)
  • garden tools
  • outdoor furniture
  • Ceramic pots (medium to large size)
  • landscaping materials  (edging, pebble rock, etc.)
  • potting soil (for growing transplants)
  • coarse mulch for pathways
  • building material
  • bagged leaves
  • food scraps from your kitchen (you may borrow one of our many 5 gal. buckets/lid)
  • seeds and seedlings
Please contact us at gardening@utenvironment.org if you can help us out! 

We'd also greatly appreciate any sort of financial contribution you'd like to give. 
Funds allow our garden to grow--supporting new, innovative initiatives that work towards making this project the best it can be.