UT Micro Farm


The UT Micro Farm is effectively an extension of the UT Concho Community Garden project. It excites us to further become a part of a growing community on the University of Texas campus concerned with food and its complex implications. 

The UT Micro Farm will grow food primarily for use in UT dining halls, for sale at a student-run, on-campus farm stand, and to donate to a neighborhood food shelter. Rather than individual plots, the UT Micro Farm will be planted in row crops, communally managed, with efficiency and productivity in mind. The UT Micro Farm will lend itself to academic involvement as well as student-led, recreational projects that innovate the means by which the project operates, be it functional, educational, or experiential. The project will create several opportunities for student employment, as well as ample opportunities for volunteer involvement. 

For a more detailed overview, please see the UT Micro Farm Project Overview (SP12) 

The first year of the UT Micro Farm will be supported by the UT Green Fee


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