Monday, October 25, 2010

TREE PLANTING November 6!!

We're having a tree planting coming up in a couple weeks! Every semester the gardening committee works with UT's Urban Forester to arrange a tree planting on campus! 

what: Longhorn reLeaf Tree Planting
when: Saturday, November 6, 2010, 9:30 AM-Noon 
where: southeast corner of Jester, map 
free breakfast!!

sign up HERE!

this week's updates

This week we'll continue working on our roses along San Jacinto. At our meeting several weeks ago we started tying them to their trellises, and we'll try to finish the rest of the small rose bushes at this meeting. 

what: gardening committee meeting
when: Wednesday, 10/27/10, 5-6 PM
where: San Jacinto and 24th
The weather will be great, hopefully you can come help out! 

As usual, UT Campus Environmental Center general meeting this Wednesday:
when: Wednesday, 10/27/10, 7-9 PM
where: PAR 203  
During the committee meeting time, we'll finish up our publicity flyers and strategize their distribution around campus. 
Also, if you haven't already, sign the CEC's pledge for a carbon neutral campus at  

HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!! & hope to see you at one of our upcoming meetings/events!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

meeting(s) Wednesday

(note: I just received 100 seed packets in the mail for free from the America the Beautiful fund! We'll use them at the community garden in the near future...)


So, UT actually has food growing on its campus. UT DHFS (Division of Housing and Food Service) planted a small vegetable gardenin the Kinsolving courtyard recently, and we're going to check it out! The food growing in this garden is organic, very local, and will be served in the dining halls! 
what: gardening committee meeting
when: Wednesday, 10/20/10, 5-6 PM
where: front of Kinsolving, map:

what: UT Campus Environmental Center general meeting
when: Wednesday, 10/20/10, 7-9 PM
where: PAR 203
We'll be working on creating our gardening publicity flyers- it'd be great if you could come and help out!

Have a great week!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We're taking a break from our weekly gardening meetings this week. Thanks to the committee members who helped out last Wednesday with the roses! We'll be continuing that project next week. 

Feel free to come out to the Campus Environmental Center general meeting tomorrow:  
when: Wednesday, 10/13/10, 7-9 PM
where: WAG 214

Community garden update:
The soil test came through, the results are kind of needlessly complicated. The surface (top 2 feet) is good, but underneath, they found contamination in the groundwater. That has no impact on our ability to plant crops, but because of this finding, UT is obligated to perform further tests, and maybe take action to improve the groundwater. SO... we may or may not have to move sites. There is the possibility that the construction of the community garden may shift to the spring semester. This isn't an official decision quite yet, but we'll let you know what the plan is as soon as it's verified. Those of you who reserved/paid for plots will be able to keep your spots for the spring, and get your money returned in the meantime. Sorry for the wait, but establishing this garden is not so far down the road!

Have a great week!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Meeting this wednesday!

This week, we'll be taking care of our climbing roses along San Jacinto. They've gotten a bit out of hand and need to be tamed. 
what: gardening committee meeting
when: Wednesday, 10/6/10, 5-6 PM
where: San Jacinto and 24th
The weather's beautiful, so hopefully you can come help out!

Friday, October 1, 2010

native plant garden

This past Wednesday we added tumbled glass mulch to our native plant garden. It looks beautiful, especially when it's sparkling in the sun.