Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Meeting this wednesday!

This week, we'll be taking care of our climbing roses along San Jacinto. They've gotten a bit out of hand and need to be tamed. 
what: gardening committee meeting
when: Wednesday, 10/6/10, 5-6 PM
where: San Jacinto and 24th
The weather's beautiful, so hopefully you can come help out!


  1. Hey! Nice to see the garden pics. The beautyberry looks awesome. Thanks for continuing to take care of everything, and sorry for leaving y'all with those messy roses.... :\

    So happy that y'all are starting a veggie garden!! Great work! :D

    -Stacey (UT gardening '09, hook'em, hope it's not too creepy that I left myself subscribed to the email list!)

  2. Hi Stacey! Thanks for checking back on the committee! Lots of good stuff happening.