Thursday, January 28, 2010

student-run community vegetable garden in the works!

That's right....just got out of a meeting with UT faculty and staff confirming that this project is underway! A year ago it didn't even seem possible, given seemingly endless restrictions and bureaucracy. But it's hard these days to deny the countless positive impacts of community gardening. Community building, hands-on experience, quality, organic produce, food transparency and connection, true sustainability, just being outdoors!....the list goes on and on and on.....This garden will be located on campus, ideal for students who want to get involved, and the garden will likely be split between personal plots, plots to serve UT dining halls, and plots growing produce dedicated to being donated. We're planning to start our first season Fall 2010, although plenty of preparation is needed before then. I'll make sure to keep yall posted on the progress of this project! And always, feel free to comment! We'd love to have your help, so if interested email us at or drop by our next weekly gardening committee meeting (check out time and location at

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