Wednesday, February 3, 2010

gardening meeting relocating

Hi everyone,
Due to the weather, the previously mentioned meeting is being moved indoors for today. We'll be joining in on the CEC's info session representing the gardening committee. Feel free to stop by and meet us and learn about all the projects CEC is engaged in.

what: Campus Environmental Center info session
when: today, Wednesday 2/3/10, 5 PM

See you there!


  1. From legends passed down through the ages, I've heard that UT once had a rooftop garden. Would this committee happen to have information on it?

    Also, is the committee involved in the butterfly garden (probably wrong type of garden) or the greenhouses that I stroll past every now and then?

  2. Hi Oliver!
    Don't know about any rooftop gardens, but perhaps someone else does...atleast the committee isn't involved with any.
    The butterfly garden and greenhouses are maintained by (I'm assuming) biology or other natural sciences students.
    Our current gardens are: behind CS5 near waller creek, planters on the south side of the HRC, and a swimming pool in the courtyard of UA9 (just started)

  3. Will check them out sometime.

    Thanks for the reply. :)