Tuesday, February 16, 2010

meeting wednesday 5:15 PM

Hi everyone,

Money didn't come through on time this week- next week, definitely, we'll be planting. This week we'll be heading over to the farmer's market at the Triangle.

what: gardening committee meeting
when: Wednesday 2/17/10, 5:15 PM (note slightly later time)
where: farmer's market at the Triangle (check out http://www.austinfarmersmarket.org )
-for those who need rides, we'll be meeting at the Barbara Jordan statue at 24th and Whitis at 5:15 PM
-for [drivers or bikers or walkers or bus riders] this means we'll probably be at the farmer's market around 5:30

If you need a ride, or are willing to give rides, please email gardening@utenvironment.org

Also, for those of you who can't wait until Fall 2010 to start vegetable gardening, we have the opportunity to grow on land a couple miles from UT in the meantime. If you're interested let us know!

Hope to see you tomorrow!

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