Thursday, April 22, 2010

a successful earth week tree planting!

Thanks to everyone who came out and helped plant a tree for earth week! The earth loves you back! Here are some pics from the event...

A big thanks to Larry Maginnis and his staff of UT's Forestry and Projects division for coordinating the event!


  1. Awesome, what a great location. How many trees?

    And the CS5 pics are great too. I'm pleasantly surprised the yellow columbine is doing well. Let's just say the first one that was planted (at nearly the same spot) is no longer there anymore, haha.

  2. 6 trees were planted....yeah, and all our gardens are doing really great! We're going to get some tumbled glass for the native plant garden to fill in an eroded curve between the sidewalk and the big tree- it should be really pretty, and probably will be better for the soil than its current state.