Monday, September 20, 2010


pigeonberry at our native plant garden

Community Garden Update
-Soil test is pending...hopefully results will be in soon, and they'll be good! Then we can get to work building the garden! 
-Trees on the community garden site: All trees have been removed except one. Evidently they were all slated for removal since UT acquired the property. Since the crew was already on site for the removal of 2 trees (one dead, one invasive), they finished the job. The trees were classified as unstable after the drought. While it's sad that we've lost these trees (and the lovely shade they provided), making the best of the situation, we now have more room to plant fruit trees! Any particular requests? Leave a comment! 

Weekly Meeting
If you'd like more information on the community garden, be sure to come by our committee meeting this week. 

what: Campus Environmental Center General Meeting + Committee Meetings
when: Wednesday, 9/22/10, 7-9 PM [7 PM General Meeting, 8 PM Committees]

If you can't wait to start actually gardening, we will be very soon! In addition to all the community garden stuff, we're planning on having a Longhorn ReLeaf tree planting this Fall on campus. Also, we'll be working on our native plant garden in the coming weeks.

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