Saturday, June 23, 2012


Lots going on these summer days! This morning Food is Free Project came out to our garden to help us install our first wicking bed! It's made of salvaged wooden pallets, political signs, scrap PVC, and tumbled glass from the City of Austin. Once seedlings are established we'll only have to water once-a-week at most! We hope to construct several more of these beds at upcoming garden workdays. All produce grown in these plots will be donated. 

Wonder why there's CD's hanging around? They're there to ward away birds from snacking on our tomatoes! And to the right, yes, that's rice growing in a toilet bowl. 

Last workday we reorganized our stockpile of materials. We have so much to work with: bamboo, plywood, wooden beams, crushed porcelain, black plastic planting containers... If you have any ideas, we want to know!

Our compost operation is going strong! Composting in many ways serves as the foundation for sustainable gardening. Garden waste is not wasted at all; fallen leaves, rotten fruit, dead plants, plant trimmings all recombine and decompose to create an ideal soil amendment full of nutrition, water-retention capacity, and beneficial micro-organisms. Composting on-site generates an efficient, local-specific, closed-loop cycle in which linear inputs (such as chemical fertilizer) and outputs (such as landfill waste) of the garden can be minimized or eliminated.

Come out to our garden anytime! Our "open" workdays are Wednesdays and Sundays 5-8 PM, and we want to see you there!
Be sure to bring a water canteen! 

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